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Mad ramblings
Apr 15 '14
Apr 15 '14


I love that point in a friendship when you get what the other person’s style is - their “thing.” You see a knit jersey tie and think of them immediately; a type of weather, a bad movie, a woman’s outfit. You know, with absolute certainty, that your friend would enjoy this thing with you more than anyone else in the world. You feel closer in that moment of recognition, even if they’re not there.

Long distance friend feels ;A;

Apr 15 '14
Look I finally updated Sleepy Skies! Finally! x_xBetter cutie mark, and aurora-themed hair rather than the random rainbows!

Look I finally updated Sleepy Skies! Finally! x_x
Better cutie mark, and aurora-themed hair rather than the random rainbows!

Apr 12 '14

(Source: carudamon119)

Apr 8 '14


Edible Poster by Anna Garforth.

On Tumblr.

This reminds me of Georgia!

Apr 6 '14

ACNL Happy Home Academy Theme Challenge… What

So I decided to have my house in Animal Crossing graded the other day. This is what they told me:

Outside got high marks, but for the interior:

"Very little Fairy Tale feeling!"

…Huh. Let’s take a look, using Thonky’s theme guide…

First room - Regal Series. Theme: Fairy Tale

Second Room - Rococo Series. Theme: Fairy Tale

Third Room - Princess Series. Theme: Fairy Tale

Forth Room - Sweets Series. Theme: Fairy Tale

Upstairs - Mermaid Series. Theme: Fairy Tale

Basement (I know it’s not graded, but) - Harvest Series. Theme: Fairy Tale

SO WHAT THE HECK?! Not very “Fairy Tale” feeling?! Every room is fairy tale theme!


Anyone have any ideas why this is happening?! Please let me know!

Apr 4 '14

thelugia702 asked:

do you accept payment for commissions in the form of hugs?


Does my landlord accept hugs in lieu of rent? Will my cell phone provider accept hugs instead of bill payment? Can I buy groceries with hugs?

reblogging because Kate’s reply is PERFECT

Mar 27 '14


No one from Kill La Kill can shut their goddamn mouths Celestia Christ. 


Mar 24 '14
Mar 20 '14

catwhitney asked:

I just realized that on your Kaiju clock they're in order of Breach Date (at least I'm pretty sure!) and that makes me really happy ♥


:^D Yeah!! And aww thanks! Every hour is counting down to the next kaiju, haha. 

I wake up at half-past Meathead… -_- always so tired…